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Unknown Vikings Living History society is an independent, fully insured group of historical educators set in the Dark ages in Chester, the Northwest of England and North East of Wales.

We aim to show aspects of life in and around the Chester area and beyond between the years 902AD and 1072AD.

This 170 years of coverage gives our members scope for various styles and standards of kit and portraying those from many different original cultures that came together under the banner of Vikings.

We have our living history camp with interactive displays, especially if you get too close to our camp fire, which is real. We have limited hands on of reproduction weapons, they are still pointy pieces of metal but not always sharp. Audience interaction with such things as status in the time period, law and order and burial of a warrior. We can even train your children to form a Shield Wall were those under the age of 10 get to attack Vikings and, perhaps, parents!

All our members are knowledgeable of their displays and eager to share this knowledge, so please feel free to ask any questions. This knowledge spans across fighting, cooking, textiles, music, coinage, myth and general history of the period.

Should you wish to join us then please feel free to approach any member of the group to make enquires, or find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
You can find us at St Johns Church, Chester (near the Amphitheatre) on the second Saturday of every month! Hope to see you there!

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