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Black Crow Vikings are a dark-age society based in Herefordshire, founded in 2013 by a local artisan blacksmith we all know and love as Aaron, our Jarl, with Danny joining Black Crow Vikings in the summer of 2017 eventually earning the title Thegn in Sept 2020.

Black Crow Vikings joined with Unknown Vikings to create the Black Crow Society in 2021. Both groups offering fighting and living history depending on where your interests are.


Members of Black Crow focus their efforts on historically accurate Viking combat with a small amount of living history and more recently have taken an interest GLIMA which is a form of Nordic folk wrestling.


Black Crow also produce and sell a mixture of accurate, high quality re-enactment items, merchandise and gifts recreated by an exceptional team of artists based right here in the UK!


For now, though, I will end with massive thank you to those who made it to the end of their story so far and I'll end with a Viking-age quote that fits pretty well.

"Go you must. No guest shall stay in one place forever. Love will be lost if you sit too long at a friend’s fire."


Interested in supporting us further?

Follow our journey on: Instagram - @BlackCrow_Vikings Facebook - Black Crow Vikings

Twitter - @CrowVikings

TikTok - @BlackCrowVikings

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